100 Sekeres - Atlanta

Sekere (shay-ka-ray) is an African hand percussive instrument made from a gourd strung with beads, nuts, shells or seeds.The music of the Sekere is known to have a positive, healing effect and it is often present during praise and worship celebrations throughout the world. Sekere has a history, a language and voice in the genres of conga, agogo bell, talking drum and djundjun families found in West Africa and the Caribbean Islands.

100 Sekeres’ /Egbe Obini Sekere of Atlanta is headed by artistic director Apetebii Yeye Olori Oriyomi best known as Mama Yeye, the Sekere Woman of Atlanta. She is an original member of the Women Sekere Ensemble, founder and artistic director of Egbe Eku'Ejo.

A Yoruba priestess, she has traveled throughout the U.S. and Africa as a sekere percussionist, educator, performing artist, playwright and dance/theatre instructor. 100 Sekeres’ is an ever growing and evolving society of artists, percussionist and dancers who are dedicated to preservation of cultural traditions among all people from the African Diaspora. Our active affirmation is tracing the roots of rhythmic melodies of the instrument from Africa back to music everywhere! 100 Sekeres mission is to re-establish an important place in musical history for sekere players, continue to reach out and touch many in the spirit of love while making a joyful noise! BoomBoomShakShaka!