Miguel "Michelito" Herrera

Michael "Michelito" Herrera is the former Musical Director of the world-acclaimed Cuban folkloric dance group Yoruba Andabo. Alongside General Director Yosvany del Pino, Miguel led Yoruba Andabo for four years, in which he managed the musical arrangements, vocal and musical instrument performances, as well as the artistic dance repertoire of an exceedingly-talented group of dancers and musicians. A self-taught dancer and musician, Miguel has been deeply immersed in Cuban folkloric dance and performance since he was six years old, performing in child dance ensembles. A native of La Habana, Cuba, he has shared the world stage with some of Cuba's and Latin America's most prominent musicians and artists, including Chucho Valdes, Juan Formell & Los Van Van, Oscar de Leon, Xiomara Laugart from Yerba Buena, Calle 13 and Juanes in stages all over the globe, including the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil and Cuba. Most recently, Miguel performed with Yoruba Andabo and Chucho Valdes at Carnegie Hall in New York City in November of 2012.

Michael currently resides in Miami, Florida, and is the director of the Cuban orchestra Timbashe, an ensemble of musicians that fuse Cuban funk music, timba with many AfroCuban rhythms that normally do not get blended in with more mainstream Cuban popular music, such as Timba with Mozambique and Changui. Miguel holds vocal and percussion duties in Timbashe, and the group is composed of former members of Yoruba Andabo.

Miguel's dance and musical expertise in his workshops spans from teaching students methods and techniques in the Bata drums, Rumba, Abakua dances, Columbia, and Tambor Yuca.