Amanda Gill

Founding Artistic Director of DC Casineros dance company, Amanda has been choreographing, teaching and performing Casino dance along with Afro-Cuban dance and Modern dance, for the past eight years. Her experiences of sensuality, vitality and community health in Rueda de Casino led her to study its connections to dance/movement therapy in graduate school.

Born in Northern VA, she trained professionally in Ballet and Modern dance as a young adult. While studying modern and folkloric dance in 2004 at el Insituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, she also danced with the Rueda de ISA team and performed on the TV program Para Bailar. Her casino dance style highlights the body isolations and dynamism of son and rumba, subtleties of orisha dances, and lyrical free styling of modern dance. She currently directs DC Casineros, teaches weekly classes at Dance Place and Cafe Arte in DC, offers dance therapy workshops, and performs around the world with her dance partner Adrian Valdivia.